Anti-introduction to Big Data

Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 6  / Язык: RU

The purpose of the speaker is to convey to listeners the basic techniques of understanding what really is Big Data, how to search and find this Big Data in projects and products, and to provide a basic understanding of why, how and from what applications based on the principles of Big Data are build. In particular, Vladimir will talk about the realtime, batch processing, data storage, and Pokemon. The talk is focused on general public of specialists of various roles, languages and levels, and, as the name implies, the talk is an inside-out introductory course in Big Data.

Vladimir Krasilshik

Vladimir Krasilshik, Yandex

Vladimir Krasilshik graduated with honours from the Department of Mathematical Support of SPEU «LETI» and for more than 13 years developing software for public, educational and financial institutions, as well as automotive and telecommunications corporations. He works in the St. Petersburg branch of Yandex as a developer of Yandex.Market. Vladimir is a resident of the Russian community of Java-developers and speaks at such sectoral Java-conferences like JPoint, Joker and JBreak.

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