Asynchronous, but readable: coroutines in Kotlin

Day 1 / 15:30  / Track 3  / Язык: RU

The world has become hopelessly concurrent, parallel, asynchronous and push-based. Polling doesn't work under high load. We resort to asynchronous APIs: callbacks, futures, promises, etc. But the nostalgia for the good old sequential code is growing strong.

This talk is about keeping asynchronous code as simple as synchronous using coroutines — a new feature of Kotlin that generalizes async/await (pioneered by C# a few years ago).

Andrey Breslav

Andrey Breslav, JetBrains

Andrey Breslav has been leading design and development of the Kotlin Porgamming Language at JetBrains since 2010 when the project started. He often presents as a speaker at large software conferences and contributes to the Kotlin blog.

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