Be prepared to G1 GC, or Evolution of the G1 GC

Day 2 / 13:45  / Track 2  / Язык: RU

In this talk Ildar will describe a criteria of choosing and evaluation Garbage Collector in Java on comparison example of CMS and G1 GC in the production-environment highly loaded RTB platform:

  • How to choose the best GC for your application and hardware configuration.
  • Settings. Amalysis of GC logs.
  • Is G1 GC ready for production? What does await us in Java 9? Analysis G1 improvements in Java 9. Comparative testing of Java 8 G1 and Java 9 G1.
  • Assessment of utility G1 GC String Deduplication.

Ildar Nurislamov

Ildar Nurislamov, GetIntent

Ildar is Java Team Lead in Gentlntent, where he has developed Real Time Bidding DSP ( He has the experience of development high-performance mailings' platforms and SMS-traffic aggregation, as well as the popular J2ME application.

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