Breaking logs

Day 1 / 17:00  / Track 1  / Язык: RU

The talk is about Alfa-Bank's logging system, centered on the Apache Kafka. In this system, there is a large number of items. Ilya and his team need them to achieve the goal — separation of the consumption flows and the supply of logs. The more complex the system, the more important the search for bottleneck. Ilya will tell in detail about each of the elements and it's limitations and give advice on resource/load.

Target audience — people who collect all the logs from large systems.

Ilya Sergeev

Ilya Sergeev, Альфа-Банк: Альфа-Лаборатория

Ilya is a developer at Alfa-laboratory. He is involved in the design of applications' architecture and developing micro-servises. He went to the "lab" because of last year's Joker, thanks to the talk of my colleagues: Alexander Tarasov and Kirill Tolkachev "WILD microservices". He was inspired by this session to create the architecture of the application and wrote a benchmark to compare rates of Rest and Thrift:

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