Close Encounters of Java Memory Model Kind

Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 2  / Язык: RU

It's been two years since "Java Memory Model Pragmatics". Yet, even among those who studied that talk, many weird superstitions are left unresolved. In this talk, we will try to dissect and disband some of those superstitions: on the power of barriers, reorderings as mental model, semi-synchronization as performance optimization, and others.

This talk is based on already published article, and would include narrative and examples from there. We would not stop at the Java Memory Model basics, and therefore attendees are required to know the JMM at least at "JMM Pragmatics" level.

Alexey Shipilev

Alexey Shipilev, Red Hat

Aleksey is working on Java performance for 10+ years. Today he is employed by Red Hat, where he does OpenJDK development and performance work. Aleksey develops and maintains a number of OpenJDK subprojects, including JMH, JOL, and JCStress. He is also an active participant in expert groups and communities dealing with performance and concurrency. Prior joining Red Hat, Aleksey was working on Apache Harmony at Intel, then moved to Sun Microsystems, which was later consumed by Oracle.

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