Java on Elbrus

Day 1 / 15:30  / Track 5  / Язык: RU

Elbrus is Russian VLIW-architecture processor with high security requirements. JVM is a complex dynamic system, which implies a certain freedom in the implementation and execution. These things are always in conflict with each other.

During the session Roman will tell about porting of OpenJDK, in particular of Hotspot virtual machine on this architecture. Digging into the guts of JVM, non-trivial solutions and many more will be present with an excess. There will also be the story of the "template" interpreter. In general, the talk will be interesting.

Roman Artemev

Roman Artemev, Унипро

Roman has been making porting of OpenJDK on Elbrus architecture for almost 4 years. He develops compilers, interpreters. Roman performs as a speaker at conferences, where he tells about his work.

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