Myths and facts about Java Performance

Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 2  / Язык: RU

Meet the special edition of the show "Mythbusters", dedicated to Java performance! An expert from Odnoklassniki Andrei Pangin will check popular myths about what Java makes quickly, and what does slowly.

In this issue Andrei and attendees of the talk will look at the strengths and weaknesses of JVM, find out how to optimize subject to dynamic compiler, and in what Java is better than C ++. The most common pitfalls that await lovers of measuring speed will be explored, and listeners will learn why even the best profilers with JMH do not guarantee honest results.

What is faster: A or B? Provocative questions, a variety of benchmarks, and many examples from real practice are expecting listeners.

Andrei Pangin

Andrei Pangin, Odnoklassniki

Andrei Pangin is the lead software engineer at Odnoklassniki, specializing in distributed systems and high-loaded server development. He previously worked on HotSpot Virtual Machine at Oracle where he gained the expertise in JVM internals and low-level system programming. Andrei is fond of sharing knowledge about unfamiliar OpenJDK and HotSpot JVM features. He authors 'one-nio' project on GitHub — the framework for developing high-performant servers in Java.

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