No container: a Modern Java Stack with

Day 1 / 13:45  / Track 5  / Язык: RU

Container-less apps are clearly the future of Java. But left without containers, developers either have to make own decisions about their integration stack, or rely on one of the highly-opinionated frameworks in this area. The open-source Bootique project takes a fresh approach. Its minimalistic core provides 3 essential things: a POSIXly launcher, a clean integration/modularity mechanism, and a smart and simple configuration engine. It stays out of developers' way in other aspects, allowing them to write their code in any way they like. The presentation will show how Bootique helps to create UNIX-style commands in Java, integrate complex functional modules, and do full-stack integration testing.

Andrus Adamchik

Andrus Adamchik, ObjectStyle LLC

Andrus is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a passionate open-source developer. He started programming in Java back in 1998, founding a number of open-source projects since then. The first notable project was Apache Cayenne, a developer-friendly ORM. More recently he created Bootique, a minimally-opinionated technology for building runnable Java applications. In his dayjob Andrus is an IT entrepreneur, running a great software company called ObjectStyle.

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