That is how we built our highly-available platform or how to solve real-life problems with in-memory grids

Day 2 / 17:00  / Track 2  / Язык: RU

Many of us develop state-less HTTP services and are proud of High Availability. It is trivial task if you set up your load balancer properly. Andrey's team develops telephony platform and their goal is not to loose any calls in case of any server crash. Apache Ignite helps them a lot. You take Ignite and nothing is clear on the first sight. After that you quickly figure out its main features and how to use them. And you may think that developing distributed system with Ignite is as easy as developing non-distributed system. This is not true. In this talk, Andrey will show different in-memory grids features (there is almost nothing specific to Ignite), such as entry processor, continuous query, events, sql query... as well as hidden rocks when using them. A lot of theory is boring, that is why listeners of the talk will solve real tasks in Java, in several steps. On each step attendees will fix the bugs made on previous step. Experience with Ignite or any other in-memory grids is NOT a prerequisite for understanding this talk.

Andrey Ershov

Andrey Ershov, Dino Systems

Project manager and architect at Dino Systems. Andrey works on Java for 7 years. He has experience in developing applications of different scales: desktop, mobile, enterprise, as well as server-side applications with many users. Andrey is mostly interested in concurrent programming and building distributed systems. Currently he works on highly-available audio- and video-conferencing solution.

Andrey holds bachelor degree in business-informatics and master degree in economics. Biology and bioinformatics are his hobby.

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