Evolutional design

Day 2 / 17:00  / Track 6  / Язык: RU

Has it ever happened that you saw (someone else's) code and wanted to rewrite everything? Has it ever happened that you could not understand why someone took a specific decision, not another? Would you like to exclaim: "I could make it so much better!"?

If you ever thought about it, you will be interested to hear the story of how these issues arose in Alexandr and Kirill practice, and how they were solved in a big company.

Developers will tell how in the beginning of the road they pulled checkers and went on the attack in troubled architecture. But it was not so easy, and as the guys dive into the project they began to realize that a large system architecture is a compromise between different approaches and solutions, innovation and legacy (inherited code), centralization and decentralization of components. Speakers have gained a lot of experience in solving architectural problems and will share their experiences and develop principles that are held by them at this time.

During the session, difficult questions will be discussed arising from decisions on how the system will live and evolve.

Together with students, Alexander and Kirill will do exercise to create a "tech table" and its evolution. They also will show the importance of engineering solution at any stage of system development.

Kirill Tolkachev

Kirill Tolkachev, Alpha-Laboratory

Kirill is a Lead Developer in Alpha-Laboratory. He develops different banking API's, forms principles and tools related to microservice architecture. He is a fan of Groovy, Gradle, Spring and Netflix technologies stack. Kirill is a resident of famous Russian IT-podcast “Razbor Poletov”. He knows DevOps methodology like the palm of the hand and has two years' experience of its production usage.

Alexander Tarasov

Alexander Tarasov, Alpha-Laboratory

Alexander is an architect in Alpha-Laboratory. As for now, he works on a new architecture with microservice approach and simultaneously drives DevOps approaches in production. He has nearly nine years of experience in server-side Java development and more than one year of application deployment automatization practice. Alexander is a fan of Docker and related technologies.


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