Vert.x: Beauty and the Beast

Day 2 / 15:30  / Track 4  / Язык: RU

Vert.x: «Beauty and the Beast» is a technocratic tale of how «DevOps-crazy» Java-developers can use vert.x for creation of scalable and fault-tolerant and microserviced solutions in the real world.

During the talk we gradually will build up a simple functionality of microserviced applications by using vert.x and several programming languages available on the JVM. In real time we collect our microservices by maven and deploy them in Docker-containers. Also in the course of the play we will cross urchin with snake, meaning vert.x with Spring Boot, and raise a simple web server with the WebSocket. The issues of monitoring and profiling of all this zoo will not remain without attention, too.

In the course we will see how flexible vert.x report can be used for developing a prototype from scratch as well as for high-performance server-side and functionality's extension of existing applications. Also, the talk will be useful if you already bored of developing a standard «blood-enterprised» solutions in heavy application servers, or you are tired of the standard concurrency model in Java and look for another, a lightweight but powerful tool that would also get your former joy of creating software process.

Vladimir Krasilshik

Vladimir Krasilshik, Yandex

Vladimir Krasilshik graduated with honours from the Department of Mathematical Support of SPEU «LETI» and for more than 13 years developing software for public, educational and financial institutions, as well as automotive and telecommunications corporations. He works in the St. Petersburg branch of Yandex as a developer of Yandex.Market. Vladimir is a resident of the Russian community of Java-developers and speaks at such sectoral Java-conferences like JPoint, Joker and JBreak.

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