An overview of Gradle 3.0 and its new features.

День 2 / 17:00  / Зал 4  / Язык: EN

In this session René will talk about the latest major Gradle release and what it has to offer for building authors and developers. The talk will be started with a short overview of Gradle build system, then some new functionalities will be explored:

  • Latest dependency management improvements and Composite builds,
  • Functional testing of build logic,
  • Distributed Cache,
  • Kotlin Gradle DSL,
  • Gradle Build Scans

The talk will be finished up with an outlook of what the Gradle team is working on next and what you can expect beyond Gradle 3.0.

Rene Groeschke

Rene Groeschke, Gradle Inc.

Apart on working on the Gradle core, René supports teams all over the world to deliver better software faster by giving in depth Gradle classes and providing remote and onsite support on implementing software automation, continuous delivery and continuous integration patterns. Understanding software development as a craftsmanship, he loves getting out of his comfort zone, learn about new tools, technologies and techniques.

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