Pragmatic Performance

День 2 / 18:45  / Зал 1  / Язык: EN

System and user experiences are often dominated by our software design choices. As software developers and engineers, we often strive to get the most out of systems and the best performance for our users. But what does "performance" really mean when measured with external metrics?

In this keynote, Gil will discuss various visible aspects of software performance in modern software systems, covering common trade-offs and techniques, and exploring where future development focus may lead us. Gil and listeners will investigate managed runtimes and their benefits, time-to-market as performance metric, as well as the realities of many-core, memory-rich systems and implications on performance choices and perceptions.

Gil Tene

Gil Tene, Azul Systems

Gil Tene is CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems. He has been involved with virtual machine and runtime technologies for the past 25 years. His pet focus areas include system responsiveness and latency behavior. Gil is a frequent speaker at technology conferences worldwide, and an official JavaOne Rock Star. He pioneered the Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector (C4) that powers Azul's continuously reactive Java platforms. In past lives, he also designed and built operating systems, network switches, firewalls, and laser based mosquito interception systems.

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